Many hospitals today understand the importance of providing care post-discharge yet struggle with determining the best operating model for an outpatient, or retail, pharmacy — or, if they already have one, it may not be performing as expected.

Our hospital outpatient pharmacy experts can assess your hospital’s opportunity for new outpatient pharmacies and/or help optimize the performance of existing ones.

Strengthen your hospital’s bottom line

When your hospital owns an outpatient, or retail, pharmacy, you realize new revenue streams – as well as new areas of profitability and the ability to control employee plan benefit costs.

We specialize in enabling successful outpatient pharmacies as part of your hospital’s community health strategy, including specialty pharmacies, employee pharmacies, 340B contract pharmacies and more:

  • Open new facilities: we oversee the planning, designing, licensing, third-party enrollment, staffing, accreditation and management.
  • Re-invigorate existing outpatient pharmacies: we optimize 340B program participation, fully leverage employee prescriptions, identify new areas of prescription volume and growth and implement discharge prescription delivery services, or meds–to–bed programs.